IELTS Tests Preparation

IELTS Tests Preparation for UKVI, Home Office Visa Applications and access to University. 

IELTS preparation classes cover all test papers, reading and writing, speaking and listening.

We will help you and teach you to achieve the IELTS score you need.

We use a variety of strategies and methods, including mock tests with feedback to make your IELTS preparation course more enjoyable and stress-free.

These classes are ideal for students who want to visit the UK and prepare for the test at the same time. If you are a non UK resident, you might need to apply for a Short-Term-Study Visa before you travel the UK.

If you require a visa or accommodation to study with us, then send us an email to: 

There is a non-refundable £250 administration charge to process the 'study unconditional offer letter' to submit to the immigration authorities. 

You can choose between the Academic or General IELTS tests or the Life Skills IELTS test.

IELTS Academic: 

This test is required to study or train in an English-speaking university or institution of higher and further education.

IELTS General: 

This test is suitable for people who intend to go to English – speaking countries to work or follow study and training programs.

IELTS Life skills:

IELTS Life Skills is the new test that is now necessary for British citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain and Spouse Visa applications.


These courses include:

  • Preparation for all the papers, including mock tests.
  • Help with booking a test on the dates and times you want.
  • Personalised advice and tips on how to prepare for the test depending on your learning needs.

Key course information

Entry requirements for IELTS Life Skills test

We may ask you to conduct a short speaking test, or attend a general English course first to improve your level of English.

Entry requirements for IELTS Academic/General tests

We may ask you to conduct a short writing/speaking test, or attend a general English course first to improve your level of English.

Maximum class size

Usually 6, but we can only accept a maximum of 4 at the moment.

Own study periods

You are expected to do a minimum of one-hour homework every day.

Exam fees


Our school is closed and there are no classes on these dates

13th Dec 2019 - 5th Jan 2020

10th April 2020, 13th April 2020, 8th May 2020,

25th May 2020, 31st Aug 2020

14th Dec 2020 - 3rd Jan 2021



The number of weeks depends on your level of English.

IELTS and Life Skills timetable and fees



Time + 10-minute break

Taught hours per week

Start dates

All bands

Mon & Tue

13:00 - 16:00

5 hrs + 40 mns

12th Oct, 26th Oct, 9th Nov, 23rd Nov

Life Skills


9:30 - 12:30 or 

13:00 - 16:00

5 hrs + 40 mns



Full fees  

1 week


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


5 weeks


6 weeks


7 weeks


8 weeks


IELTS Life Skills

2 weeks


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