Trinity SELT GESE & ISE exams 

  • The GESE A1, A2 and B1 exams are for Spouse and Extension Visas; Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK Visa and Naturalisation as a British Citizen.
  • The ISE I B1, B2 and C1 exams are for the TfL English language test requirement and the Tier 2 and 4 visas. 

Secure English language Exams Preparation for UKVI, Home Office Visa Applications. At the Flexilearning Centre you can attend classes to prepare for the Trinity exams that are required and approved by the Immigration Authorities, many universities and the transport for London.

These classes are ideal for students who want to visit the UK and prepare for an exam at the same time.

If you are a non-UK resident, you might need to apply for a Short-Term-Student visa before you travel to the UK.


Graded Examinations in Spoken English GESE Preparation Classes

Speaking and Listening exams for:

  • Further Leave to Remain Visa - A1
  • Further Leave to Remain, Extension Visa - A2
  • Indefinite Leave to remain. Settlement Visa - B1
  • British Citizenship, Naturalisation - B1


Integrated skills in English ISE Preparation Classes

Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing exams for:

  • Transport for London Taxi Licence English test requirements - B1 / ISE I
  • Tier 1, General Visa - B1 / ISE I
  • Tier 2, Minister of Religion Visa - B2 / ISE II
  • Innovator and start-up Visas - B2 / ISE II
  • Tier 4, General Student Visa - B2 or C1 / ISE II or ISE III

These courses include:

  • Preparation for the speaking and listening, reading and writing exams, including mock exams.
  • Help with booking an exam on the dates and times you want.
  • Personalised advice and tips on how to prepare for the exam depending on your learning needs.






Choose your level and a start date.

Choose any number of weeks and how much to pay.

Please read the school Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand the 'Attendance and Refund policy'.

Complete the application form to tell us about yourself and the course you'd like to attend. 

You will receive an email as early as possible to confirm your course choice and make the course payment. 


Entry requirements

We may ask you to conduct a short speaking/writing test, or attend a general English course first to improve your level of English.

Maximum class size

Usually 6 

GESE A1 - A2 - B1

  • Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30 - 12:30 

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays from 13:00 - 16:00 

ISE B1 - B2 - C1

  • Mondays and Tuesdays from 13:00 - 16:00

  • Number of hours per week: 6 hours
  • Total taught hours per week = 5 hours and 40 minutes
  • Each class includes: 10 minutes break
  • Class length: 3 hours
  • Number of classes per week: 2 classes


    GESE course


    1 week


    2 weeks


    3 weeks


    Exam fee


    ISE course


    1 week


    2 weeks


    3 weeks


    4 weeks


    Exam fee


    Own study periods

    You are expected to do a minimum of one-hour homework every day.

    Our school is closed and there are no classes on these dates

    3rd May, 12th May, 13th May, 31st May, 20th Jul, 12th Aug, 30th Aug, from 13th Dec to 5th Jan